Mohamed Kheir Omer has proven his dedication to preserving knowledge on Eritrean history and cultures and gathering data on all aspects of Eritrea. More than the officials responsible in Asmara, Mohamed has dedicated a large part of his time to gathering and preserving information and documents on Eritrean history and cultures. His endeavours to develop a repository library of Eritrean materials should be praised by all. Other Eritrean professionals and activists need to join hands to identify, collect, preserve, and make available all written documents, interview data, and statements on Eritrean history and contemporary affairs. Hopefully the time will soon come when such efforts will be appreciated by the Eritrean State and when we will have responsible individuals in charge of Eritrean higher education and research who will endeavor to repatriate this material where it belongs: a resurrected and invigorated Asmara University library.